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About us

Campaigns and Activism for Animals in the Industry (CAAI) is a Bulgarian animal-protection organization – a non-profit registered to public benefit and established in 2017. Our mission is to prevent as much of the suffering and exploitation of as many animals as possible.

CAAI aims to raise awareness and promote ethical values in society. We also cooperate with institutions and businesses to adopt more humane treatment of animals. 

We work to achieve public recognition that animals are conscious and sensitive beings with their own personality. Beings that have the right to express their natural behavior in their own environment.

On the country level, we initiated and organized the National Citizens’ Initiative to ban fur farming in Bulgaria. We support international initiatives and are part of global animal-protection coalitions, including the Fur Free Alliance and Open Wing Alliance. We represent the international Fur Free Retailer program in Bulgaria.

Who are we?

CAAI is made up of dozens of volunteers and members from all over the country. As an association, we are managed in compliance with our Articles of Association. The main body of the organization is the General Meeting consisting of our Members. The governing body is the Board, which is elected by the General Meeting.

Members of the Board as of 01.01.2020 are:

  • Petya Altimirska (President) 
  • Lyuboslav Serafimov 
  • Mila Popdimitrova 
  • Mariana Nordgren 
  • Georgi Chelebiev 
  • Teodora Mishineva 
  • Stefan Dimitrov

How do we work?

In order to achieve our goals, we collect information, investigate, document, raise awareness, analyze and discuss solutions with experts. We do research and find the most effective ones. Then we build a strategy in order to turn them into legal and social norms.

We aim to create the widest possible network animal advocates in all spheres of society through a positive, professional, and factually-grounded approach. We believe that achieving change happens through awareness, change in people’s mindset, and developing moral and ethical values, which become enshrined in law.

Through donations and membership fees, the organization provides the funding for its work. We also occasionally receive financial support from partner organizations for specific projects. Among these are PETA Germany, the Fur Free Alliance, and Compassion in World Farming UK.

What are we active in?

Since the beginning of 2017 the main campaign of CAAI has been to ban fur farming in Bulgaria. Towards the end of 2017 we published for the first time in Bulgaria footage of the cruel reality of a Bulgarian mink farm near the village of Madzherito. This caused widespread media and social interest.

In 2018, we ran a National Citizens’ Initiative to ban fur farms in Bulgaria. It got over 51 thousand signatures of Bulgarian citizens. Thanks to it, in September 2019 a group of MPs submitted to the National Assembly a bill for the ban. It is now to be voted on.


  • work with experts, attorneys and solicitors, veterinarians, government institutions, as well as with the media and celebrities;
  • organize discussions, events, conferences, exhibitions, and protests;
  • conduct information campaigns both about the facts and problems, as well as possible solutions;
  • use the potential of internet communication and social media to gain maximum public support and direct it to the institutions to achieve the goal of out campaigns.

Aside from the campaign against fur farming and the use of fur, we run campaigns against the most cruel practices in animal agriculture. Among these are caged breeding of farm animals, in particular: chickens, as well as force-feeding of ducks and geese for foie gras. We promote a plant-based diet to reduce animal suffering and the amount of farmed animals, as well as for the environment and human health.

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